Vacation to Morocco, You Must Know About the Following!

Morocco has not only attracted the world’s attention to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

This country also has very good tourism. Having a national team nicknamed the Atlas Lions is a team that is not reckoned with in this event. Hence, Morocco does not often have the opportunity to take part in the World Cup competition. Even so, they managed to prove themselves. As well as surprising international audiences. for making it to the semifinals in the World Cup this time.

Well, in fact it’s not only his football achievements that can make the general public amazed. But there are a variety of interesting things that can make travelers even more amazed by this Moroccan country.

Moroccan history and culture

It is a country with a long historical background. The culture and background of this country is heterogeneous and multi-ethnic, this is because the combination of Arab, European and Berber cultures has had a lot of influence on Morocco today.
As quoted from the Muslim-Friendly Travel book by Jaharuddin, the Berber tribes who occupy the North African region are the original inhabitants of Morocco. Before finally in 146 BC, Morocco was colonized by the Carthaginians.

Beautiful coastline in Morocco

Located in the north of the African continent, this country has a long coastline. Therefore, this country has many beautiful beaches to be enjoyed.
As for popular vacation spots for foreign visitors, for example Tangier and Agadir, while for local tourists and Spanish tourists, they often visit Asilah.
However, there are several beach attractions that are favorites for many visitors, for example Essaouira Beach which is located in the city of Essaouira, to be exact in the western part of Morocco.
The city of Essaouira is a city that is strategically located, which is close to the Atlantic Ocean. Which is where trade routes on the European continent are, so this city is quite crowded.

Sahara Desert in Morocco

The Sahara Desert is a vast and arid desert. It turns out that the Sahara desert is not only found in the Middle East, it turns out that Morocco also has it.
By visiting Morocco, you can also travel and go on expeditions in the desert. But for those of you who are worried about your safety, don’t worry, because there are many experienced and professional operators or travel agents who will guide you.

Beautiful architecture of Moroccan settlements

The combination of various cultures in Morocco has also led to a combination of related architecture that is spread in this country. Starting from magnificent mosques, magnificent palaces, or other buildings that also combine interesting cultural acculturation.
As we know that Morocco has influences from the three major cultures, namely European, Arab and Berber. In which the three cultures have their own beauty from the architecture of the buildings they have.

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