8 ways for backpacker vacations

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If you plan on a vacation with cost savings, it doesn’t hurt you to be a traveler by applying backpacker style. Besides being able to save costs, you can try to do memorable tours.

Here are some tips on being a backpacker.

1. Check promos from OTA

Every OTA (Online Travel Agent) often provides promos that make ticket fees and lodging fees much cheaper. Monitoring promos from OTA through official websites, applications, or social media can be the way you do to always update promos.

2. Compare prices

Even though you’ve got a promo, don’t forget to always compare prices for each Online Travel Agent. This is a wise way so you can get the lowest price but with the best quality.

3. Expand to read reviews of your destination hotel

If you plan to stay overnight, always make it a habit to read reviews of your destination hotel. If the hotel review you are looking for is limited, you can consider the facilities offered and the location of the hotel.

4. If you want to sleep on a trip, choose a crowded place

If you are forced to sleep during the trip, then choose a crowded and bright place, for safety. Avoid lonely places and put your luggage in a position that you can observe.

5. Share cost

Share cost is the best way to save on travel costs. you should travel with several people.

Besides being safer, because it can take turns to look after each other, traveling together can make the trip economical.

6. Bring lunch

Provision of travel is one of the tricks to save a budget. make sure to always carry a durable lunch. biscuits, shredded, cereal, are some examples of foods that are practically brought when you are traveling in backpacker style.

7. Don’t show that you are confused

When you feel confused on the trip, for example you miss the bus, get lost, try to find a place to sit.

Take a breath, observe around and find a convincing place to ask. You can search for information centers, or maybe turn on a gadget for browsing.

Don’t show a confused expression. Try to stay calm.

8. Turn on Google Maps, and share your location

You should use Google Maps when traveling. This certainly makes it easier for you not to get lost.

You can share your location via Whatsap with friends, so wherever you travel, your location can be tracked.

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