Adventure TravelJourney holidays inside everybody’s attain. Whitewater rafting is the newest sports activities journey to invade the native shore. While excessive-journey travelers craving for extra whitewater rafting spots beyond Central America and Africa flocked for many years to the rivers of Brazil and Borneo, the Philippines remained in the quiet depths, all however neglected. It was in 1995 when initial kayaking was carried out in Cagayan de Oro with the aim of introducing Whitewater rafting in the Philippines. Lengthy before 1995, adventure pushed group nonetheless have been concerned in river expeditions, learning its attribute for greater than 10 years and honing their expertise in paddling the rapids. These activities have prompted the invention of one of many word’s most fun rapids of Kalinga’s Chico River.

Tucked away in the Great Smoky Mountains are several cascading water options, reminiscent of Baskins Creek Falls. Because the path to the falls is not very …

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If Your Challenge is Food & Beverage Then – Meet Your Maker

Everywhere You Look it’s Bleeding 🩸. The Patient is So Messed Up it’s Not Even Funny. It Will Never Fix Itself.

You Need CORE On Your Side.


Patrick is a self-made star of the food and beverage trade. He knows and has seen it all. No problem or challenge is too big or too small. He can help you turn the page and make day-old bread sing again. Have a read and do yourself a favor. Reach out and talk to Patrick about how he can help you today.

Recipes: 4 Reasons Why Your Operation Needs Them

Menu Development & Engineering 

A few years ago (or decades), a group of us cooks were on a break talking about the ins and outs of cooking. It was a great time in

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